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Universe Travel is the general sponsor, provider and operator of the UNIVERSE TRAVEL unified travel platform in the EARN AND TRAVEL travel business project.
Universe Travel is a marketing company that develops an international structure of Agents around the world on a single travel platform. Universe Travel provides its independent agents with training, tools and opportunities to generate income and build a career in the travel industry. Universe Travel is not a travel agency, tour operator or any travel service provider or seller. The company only provides an international platform for other suppliers of travel services on mutually beneficial conditions for all participants.

Before the advent of the marketing company Universe Travel in October 2017, the tourist operator Elite Travel Group since 2007 has been organizing individual and group tours to the USA, other countries and regions, conducting tours in different cities, and provides various travel services. The main direction of the company is the selection, organization and booking of cruises around the world for individual and corporate groups and individuals. The company employs professional Russian-speaking and English-speaking operators, guides and drivers. In 2017, Universe Travel launched its new tourism business project called “Earn and Travel.” This project was created and based on a single online travel platform where suppliers from all over the world place their travel services for platform customers. Suppliers and customers to the platform are brought by agents of the platform and Universe Travel, who receive income for their work under the terms of marketing of Universe Travel. The first supplier on the platform was Elite Travel Group! This is the first company to post here its offers to tourists and agents. Elite Travel Group was also the first company to register on the platform its entire database of thousands of customers over 10 years of operation. Now customers can order travel services also from other suppliers who place their services on the platform.
Universe Travel Company, thanks to a single tourism business platform, unites in one convenient system for all the participants in the promotion of tourism services from suppliers to customers. On the platform, all the necessary advanced tools for conducting, accounting and developing business in the tourism industry for each project participant are created and are being created. It is convenient for tourists to find here in one system many different travel services and offers from different suppliers around the world directly without intermediaries. Tourists can contact any provider directly and negotiate with them, correspondence and discuss their orders. Tourists can also be assisted in all matters by their personal agents on the platform and the Universe Travel support team.
All tourists registered on the platform also participate in the loyalty program for customers and for all their orders accumulate loans and discounts for their future trips.
All agents registered on the platform, helping Universe Travel expand and expand its database of customers and suppliers, receive income from work done under the terms of marketing, receive free training and career opportunities in the company, as well as unlimited income.
All providers of travel services on the platform receive a convenient affiliate program to add and promote their services. Suppliers directly receive customers of services added on the platform from the general database of customers on the platform and from all agents of the platform.
The main activities on a single tourism platform in the project "Earn and Travel":
Cruises around the world
USA tours
World Tours
excursions in all states and cities of America;
fishing, rest on a yacht, charters, cruises;
the provision of transportation services in the United States, transfers (meetings at airports, ports, etc.);
selection and booking of hotels in any of the cities, providing with air tickets; (upon request)
rental cars, apartments and villas; (upon request)
organization of leisure for children and adolescents in American children's camps, as well as their training in the USA (selection of educational institutions and assistance in paperwork); (upon request)
visa support; (upon request)
VIP concierge service;
U.S. Adult Education (upon request)
translation services, accompaniment; (upon request)
birth and treatment in the USA; (upon request)
organization of any celebrations; (upon request)
corporate tours and seminars; (upon request)
immigration programs for obtaining a work visa and investor visa; (upon request)
real estate services for the purchase of real estate in Miami (on request)
in 2017, Elite Travel Group created its own unique marketing plan and its online platform (software), which will no longer compete with other travel companies, but combine different companies in different regions as mutually beneficial partners. The company invites such partners to cooperate around the world. The company also began to work with independent Agents from different countries. Agents can be ordinary people and organizations who want to build their business in the tourism sector as part of the Earn and Travel project. Such Agents may advertise any travel services of Elite Travel Group, as well as the services of other travel partners and private guides from different corners who place their services on the company's common platform. An automated system of effective management using network marketing elements has been created on this platform. For their work, Agents receive payment and advance their careers according to the company's marketing conditions.
In October 2017, the company joined forces with the new marketing company Universe Travel, and together the companies created the EARN AND TRAVEL project. From this moment, the Elite Travel Group company has been developing, promoting its tourism products and services through the platform as one of the suppliers. Universe Travel is actively involved in the creation and expansion of an international structure of agents, as well as partners of travel services providers. Universe Travel company created a support service for clients, agents and partners of the project, created training and development programs, advertising materials, working methods and many other tools for business ..
Travel agencies of any travel destination, Agents and organizations are invited to work together, collaborate and interact. Now Agents around the world will sell your tours, excursions and other travel services! Free registration and details here: https://network.etg-travel.com/
The goal of Universe Travel is to become the largest tourism business platform and organization by 2021 with the largest number of successful agents around the world, with the largest variety and quantity of tourism product, partners of service providers, new business technologies and satisfied customers all over the world. 
Earn with us! Travel with us! Let's make life more beautiful together, and a better world

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