Cancellation and refund policy


Refusal of tourist services and return policy
Universe Travel & Network Marketing is not a travel operator or travel agency. The company provides its other partners, travel service providers, tour operators, agencies, guides and agents with its platform for hosting travel services. When ordering services and products on the platform, the client enters into a contractual relationship with Universe Travel & Network Marketing and with the suppliers themselves or with the above partners. In case of cancellation of the reservation of multi-day individual tours or other tourist services, regardless of the cancellation terms (see below), as a service charge, Universe Travel & Network Marketing may additionally charge $50 from each participant of the trip. If you have already been sent a full package of documents, including the tour program and vouchers, this amount increases to $ 100 per person.
45 or more days before the start of the tour - 100% refund (excluding service charge)
45-30 days before the start of the tour - a fine of 30% of the tour price
30-15 days before the start of the tour - 50% of the cost of the tour
15 or less days before the start of the tour - a penalty of 100%
Refunds for the cancellation of tours and other tourist services provided by our partners are made according to their cancellation policy. The cancellation and return policies are listed on the description page of each tour or other tourist service.
Refusal of paid membership for an interest rate is impossible under any circumstances! Payment for annual membership or monthly payment is non-refundable!
Universe Travel & Network Marketing, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as "COMPANY", and the client (the user of the site, the tourist, user) acting on his behalf and in his own interests, on the other hand, hereinafter referred to as "the CLIENT" , have entered into this agreement as follows:
1.1. This agreement is made in accordance with the law "On the bases of tourist activity", as well as other legislative acts valid in the territory of the country of residence of the CLIENT and the country of location of the COMPANY at the time of signing (electronic confirmation) of this agreement.
1.2. The subject of this agreement is the acquisition by the CLIENT of a tourist product, the terms of which are set out in this agreement. A tourist product is understood as the right to tourist services intended for the realization of a tourist. Tourism services means one tourist service (for example, a cruise) or a complex of services for accommodation, transportation, food for tourists, excursion services, cruise and other services provided depending on the purpose of travel and the conditions of booking. A tourist voucher is a document that confirms the fact of the transfer of a tourist product and establishes the right of the tourist to the services included in the tour.
1.3. The fact of acquiring a tourist voucher and participating in a tour of the COMPANY program confirms the complete agreement of the CLIENT with this Agreement, both in its totality and with its separate articles.
1.4. The CUSTOMER purchases the following tour:
2.1. Rights and obligations of the COMPANY.
2.1.1. The COMPANY undertakes to provide the CUSTOMER with complete and reliable information about the tour, the itinerary and the terms of the tour, the conditions of accommodation, meals, transportation and excursion program, the cost of vouchers with different levels of services for each tour per adult, specify the discount rate for children traveling with adults, as well as the age limit of children eligible for a discount.
2.1.2. The COMPANY undertakes to issue the necessary documents confirming the reservation and payment for the tour purchased by the CLIENT, and transfer them to the CLIENT.
2.1.3. The COMPANY undertakes to provide him with the services ordered in full after receipt of money from the CLIENT.
2.1.4. The COMPANY undertakes to notify the CLIENT about possible or occurred changes in the conditions of the tour no later than 48 hours after receipt of the information.
2.1.5. In exceptional cases, by agreement with the CLIENT, the COMPANY has the right to make changes to the tour program with appropriate recalculation of the tour cost or to return the amount paid by the CLIENT.
2.1.6. The COMPANY has the right to cancel the reservation in case of delay in payment for the tour or delays in the submission of documents with reimbursement of incurred expenses due to deduction from the amounts received from the CLIENT.
2.1.7. The COMPANY considers claims for the quality of the tour, if the claims are received within the time limits established by the legislation.
2.1.8. In case of payment by the CLIENT of the ordered services and the subsequent refusal of the tour for reasons beyond the control of the COMPANY or tourists of the CLIENT, COMPANY has the right to refund the amount paid for the tour in the amount and on the terms specified in clauses 2.1.6., 4.1.3., 4.2 .7.
2.2. Rights and obligations of the CLIENT.
2.2.1. The CLIENT undertakes to familiarize himself with all the conditions of the tour.
2.2.2. The CLIENT undertakes to provide the COMPANY with all necessary documents in a timely manner.
2.2.3. The CLIENT undertakes to pay the tour. The voucher is issued only after the whole amount is received in cash or the money is transferred to the company's current account.
2.2.4. The CLIENT undertakes to adhere to the generally accepted norms of conduct during the tour, to observe the rules of conduct in the host country, not to allow actions that could lead to a hazard to the life and health of the CLIENT.
2.2.5. The CLIENT undertakes to treat carefully the property used in the tour process, as well as to the environment and cultural monuments in the places of visit.
3.1. The cost of the tour is determined depending on the volume and conditions of the services provided (clause 1.4 of the Agreement) and amounts to ______________________ (________________________________________________________________).
3.2. The CLIENT undertakes to pay for the ordered services completely from the cost of the ordered services by paying the amount to the cashier of the Company or by bank transfer based on the invoice issued.
3.3. Refusal of the tour is accepted only in writing, and the CLIENT must return all documents issued to him, after which the tour will be officially canceled taking into account clauses 2.1.6., 4.1.3., 4.2.7.
4.1. Liability of the CLIENT.
4.1.1. The CLIENT is liable to the COMPANY and third parties for the material damage caused to them, which arose in the event of non-fulfillment or improper performance of the terms of this contract. For any damage caused by the CLIENT to third parties, the host company or the COMPANY, the CLIENT is liable in full in accordance with applicable law.
4.1.2. The CLIENT is responsible for violation of the current rules of travel and baggage transportation, as well as damage to the carrier's property.
4.1.3. The refund of the amounts paid for vouchers is made on the basis of the CLIENT's application in accordance with the established procedure. When the cost of a tourist voucher is refunded, the amount paid is returned in full, if the COMPANY does not bear documented and justified expenses. The refund is made in cash or by bank transfer, depending on the form of calculation, what amount of the amount was received by COMPANY.
           Note: if you lose any documents related directly to the tour, the cost of the tour
does not return.
4.2. Responsibility of the COMPANY.
4.2.1. The COMPANY is liable to the CLIENT for the material damage actually incurred in case of failure or improper fulfillment by the COMPANY of the terms of this agreement, except for the cases provided for in this agreement.
4.2.2. In case of cancellation of the tour, the COMPANY may offer the CLIENT to make a similar or other tour on the same or other terms, or to return all amounts paid by the CLIENT, taking into account the provisions of clauses 2.1.6., 4.1.3., 4.2.7. Contract.
4.2.3. The COMPANY is liable to the CLIENT separately for non-performance of each service in the amount of the value of the service not provided.
4.2.4. The COMPANY is responsible only for the services listed in the tour and stipulated by this agreement.
4.2.5. The COMPANY shall not be liable to the CLIENT in the event that the services ordered by the CLIENT are not implemented or improperly executed due to inaccuracy, insufficiency or untimely information and documents provided by the CLIENT, as well as due to other violations by the CLIENT of the terms of this agreement.
4.2.6. The COMPANY is not liable for the actions of the official bodies of the Russian Federation and the country of destination, which may impede the performance of the tour as a whole or a part thereof.
4.2.7. In case of refusal to the CLIENT in the visa to the country of destination, the COMPANY is not responsible for the operation of the Consulate of the country that refused the visa.
In this case, the CLIENT shall be refunded for the cost of the tour, minus the consular fee and other expenses, incl. (administrative, organizational, courier, consulting and communication costs of a travel company ranging from 760 rubles per person (in difficult cases to 1520 rubles), which the Company has already incurred.
4.2.8. The COMPANY is not liable in the event of force majeure (natural disasters, weather conditions, coup d'état, war, strikes, etc.) that resulted in a violation of the tour schedule, cultural or excursion program violation.
4.2.9. In the event that the CLIENT did not show up at the beginning of the tour or interrupted the tour, COMPANY will not reimburse the cost of travel to the place of return to the place of residence, as well as for unused days associated with late or early termination of the tour.
4.2.10. The COMPANY is not responsible for the behavior of the CLIENT either at the place of purchase of the tour or at the place of its implementation.
4.2.11. The COMPANY guarantees the execution of all paid services, but is not responsible for the incompliance of the services provided to the CLIENT's expectations.
5.1. This agreement comes into force from the date of its signing by the parties and is valid until the end of the tour.
6.1. All disputes and disagreements that may arise between the parties under this agreement and in connection with it, should be resolved through negotiations.
6.2. Within 20 days after the end of the tour, the CLIENT has the right to file a claim against the COMPANY. Claims are subject to review within 10 days from the filing date and only if there is a document confirming the fact that the terms of the contract signed by the representative of the COMPANY in the host country were not fulfilled.
6.3. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the dispute will be judicially examined in accordance with the current legislation at the location of the COMPANY. A pretrial dispute settlement procedure is mandatory.
7.1. The CUSTOMER is warned that people who need treatment and constant medical supervision, some tours are not recommended.
7.2. Any changes and additions are made out in the form of attachments to this contract and form an integral part of it.
7.3. The COMPANY has the right to terminate the contract in the following cases:
· Shortage of the minimum number (_2__) of tourists in the group, necessary for the tour to take place;
· Unforeseen growth of transport tariffs;
· Introducing new or increasing existing rates, taxes and fees.
7.4. This contract is made in two copies, each having equal legal force, one for each of the parties.
7.5. In case of a refusal by the CLIENT from the tour, COMPANY recommends that you take out travel insurance

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