Hire one of our amphibious assault planes, and it's up to you to decide where you land! We'll take you there, regardless of whether you are delivering supplies to your boat, heading for a meeting in Florida or the Bahamas, exploring potential real estate investments or wedding venues.
Any destination! The opportunity to land on the water will open up more directions for you to explore.
As one of the options, we invite you to an unforgettable seaplane journey from Miami to Exuma Island.


Exuma is one of the 32 districts of the Bahamas and a 180-kilometer archipelago in the Caribbean, which consists of more than 365 islands and reefs. The largest island of the archipelago is Big Exuma - 60 km long and a total area of ​​72 km2, where the largest city and administrative city of the archipelago is located - Georgetown, founded in 1793 and named after the British king George III.
Near the Big Exuma is the island of Small Exuma. Previously, the islands were connected by ferry, in the future they were united by a bridge, which is still called "Ferry". Through the beach on the island of Small Exuma passes the tropic of Cancer.
These places are a paradise for all water sports. Particular pleasure will be scuba diving. The islands are framed by coral reefs, and exceptionally clear water with almost year-round constant temperature provides a real riot of life. At the bottom of the sea you can find a large number of wrecks and aircraft, and luxurious underwater canyons.
Many of the islands of Exuma are private. Some of them exist as luxury exclusive island resorts, while others serve as a second home to some Hollywood stars. The small Exum islands are owned, among others, by Nicolas Cage, David Copperfield, Johnny Depp and Eddie Murphy.


The main island of the archipelago - Big Exuma - is located 220 km from the island of New Providence in 40 minutes flight from Nasau airport. You can also get to the archipelago by flights from Toronto, Miami, and Atlanta. Airplanes lands at Georgetown International Airport.
When is it better to go
The best time to travel to the islands of the Exuma is the dry season in the winter half of the year. In summer there are traditionally fewer tourists, so in the summer there are some charms of rest on the islands.


With incredibly clear blue water, the Exuma archipelago becomes a dream for boaters, fishermen, divers, snorkelers and kayakers.
The island hosts a festival of Bahamian music and sailing regatta.

Tourist areas

Because of its interesting reefs and caves, the archipelago is attractive for yachtsmen and divers. Many unnamed beaches and caves, as well as reefs in front of the coast, are part of the Bahamas National Trust, a protected park. Until the XVII century, the islands were uninhabited, used by pirates as a shelter.
Here there is excellent visibility under water (about 30 meters), colorful clouds of fish, the finest coral reefs and caves, the most famous of which is the Thunderball Grotto on the Big Exum: its stone vaults became decorations for the James Bond film “Ball Lightning” of 1965, where agent 007 played sean connery. And on the shores of Sandy Cay (Sandy Cay) near the island of Little Exuma, shots were taken for the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Snorkelers and divers should go to a place called the Mystery Cave - a chain of underground grottoes and caves stretching beneath the island of Stocking Island and going farther and farther into the ocean (total length - 6.5 kilometers). The depth here is from 4, 5 to 30 meters, and it is recommended to dive in these waters accompanied by a guide diver, regardless of your level of preparedness, as, indeed, in the “blue hole” of Angelfish: this reef depression is located not far from the capital Exuma - Georgetown and is considered the best dive attraction of the entire archipelago.
One of the islands of Exuma is informally called Pig, as feral domestic pigs live there, who are not at all afraid of people. Every day, many tourists come here from all over the world for unusual impressions and unique photographs.
Another excellent place to explore the Bahamas nature is the first in the world semi-underwater reserve of Exuma, where there are large sea turtles and iguanas with tail-rings.

How to get to the islands?

The fastest and most exotic way to get to the islands from Miami is to charter our hydroplane, on which you take a fascinating journey for about 2 hours over the expanses of the azure ocean with views of the coast of Miami and Miami Beach and a number of Bahamas. Taking off from the water right in front of Downtown Miami, you can enjoy views of the city from a bird's-eye view and feel really at your best, because you are the one who takes the best from life!
Flight to the island of Exuma on a water plane and back
Rest 5 hours on the beaches of the island
Tips for pilots, food, drinks, alcohol, etc.
Water activities
Cancellation and return policy
Without cancellation and 7 days refund
Cancellation or transfer is possible only in case of force majeure.
Group price P/P
$ 1,500
Private 1-3 per.
$ 4,500
Private 4-6 pers.
$ 9,000
Private 7-10 pers.
$ 12,000
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