Multifaceted Milan! + a gift photo session

Ancient and modern, small and very large-scale, magical and majestic! The versatility that Milan so successfully combines, you are unlikely to meet anywhere else. The uniqueness of this city does not require absolutely any evidence, it enchants and touches, it can be loved or hated, but it will never leave you indifferent! I am happy to immerse you in the atmosphere of Milan, we will feel its rhythm and the special course of Italian life, I will "infect" you with love for this city once and for all!
What is waiting on you:
To begin with, we will meet at the appointed place, depending on the program agreed upon by us and enjoy a cup of excellent Italian coffee. Now with full confidence we can begin our "hike", where we are waited both by the iconic sights of the city and the magic streets of the neighborhoods of Milan and the "very Italian places". We will see how the city lives from the inside: courtyards, terraces, balconies, old confectioneries, local bars - ordinary tourists do not go there!
We will visit the historic center (Centro storico), the Quadrilatero, the noble Brera, the youth district of Darsena and the innovative Isola. Exaclty in these areas that active Milan life is now boiling.  I would like to describe our trip like from the past to the future. Having seen countless architectural monuments perfectly preserved to our days, we will get into a completely new modern area, where as a stage to a fantastic film, rises above the monumental Garibaldi arch, piercing its sharp spire sky, the tallest building in Italy - the Cesar Pelli tower.
And we will see the monumental Central Station, perhaps the most beautiful railway station in Italy, which is an architectural monument
Acquaintance with Milan will never be complete without getting to know its Great Canal - Naviglio, which is the last remnant of a complex canal system that once covered the whole city. This is the bohemian district of Milan, where all free artists, singers, musicians gather.
It is quite unexpected to see among the beautiful urban architecture the most scandalous, the most pretentious and the most impudent - epithets at this landmark of the capital Lomabradia will be typed with a dozen, or even more - a monument to the middle finger. Yes, yes, to that one better than any words and deeds explains "where" to go.
Depending on your preferences, we will visit one or several museums to choose from: the Archaeological Museum of Milan, the Sforzesco Castle Museums, the Leonardo Da Vinci Technical Museum, the La Scala Theater Museum, Pinacoteca Brera, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.
I will be happy to arrange an excursion that is right for you.
Throughout the tour I will take your pictures. After the tour, within 7 days, I will send you e-mail - your pictures with the local attractions.
I am not only tell and show all the fun in Milan, but I will be happy to share with you all that I know about the best places in the city (restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops).
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$ 190
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