Excursion from Miami to NASA Space Center, Miami

Do you want to know if there is life on Mars? Why stopped the program of flights to the moon? How will the asteroids cope? Are there other civilizations?
Want to know the answers?! Then we will be glad to see you in the new exciting Tour of the Day off!
We leave Miami on a one-day tour to Cape Canaveral to visit the modern space center named after John F. Kennedy and the active closed territory of the NASA agency.
In the space museum, we will get acquainted with the history of space exploration from Cape Canaveral, which began more than 50 years ago. At the IMAX cinema, we will be able to see the real NASA astronaut missions in 3D space. The "Shuttle Launch Experience" will almost certainly convey the sensations of astronauts during the take-off of the space shuttle. On the stimulator, tourists board on a special passenger cabin for the flight, arranged in the cargo compartment of the shuttle. Countdown, and the capsule with tourists becomes in a vertical position, everything is ready for start! Three, two, one ... let’s go!!! The hum of the engines, the vibration and the feeling of acceleration during the start and even the cheeks tremble. The illusion of the flight is amplified in front of the screen, and then the earth, floating among the stars. We reached zero gravity.
During a visit to the closed territory by special transport we will see a huge building for vertical assembly of missiles; we will pass by the control center of flights and past the launch sites of the NASA research center.
In the last pavilion where we make another stop, we'll go to the real flight control center and see what was happening in seconds during the Apollo 8 missile flight, and ahead of it is another 4D show of the amazing first moon landing story and the biggest missile flying on the moon the moon 6 times.

What is waiting for you:
- exhibits of the Kennedy Space Center
- Exhibition of the first missiles and the largest in the history of mankind
- interactive expositions and shows, films in the IMAX format and the "Hall of Fame of Astronauts"
- Excursion to the active closed territory of NASA on special transport
Pickup Time
7:00 am
1 Day
United States
- a rocket garden, active launch sites, the Museum of Cosmonautics, the Walk of Fame, screened IMAX shows, simulators, flight controllers, lunar rovers and rovers, the center of vertical rocket assembly, the largest rocket in the history of mankind
- Excursion to the Kennedy Space Center
- professional guide accompanying during the whole tour
- Transfer from the landing site to the NASA center and back
- convenient and comfortable transport
- entrance tickets - $ 54
Dates of tour
15 марта 2020

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