New Cruise ships 2018-2020

1. Royal Caribbean - Symphony of the Seas 

The world largest cruise liner of 2018 began its journey in Barcelona. Capable of welcoming 5,200 passengers and with a tonnage of 230 thousand tonnes, this ship is the fourth one in the Royal Caribbean Oasis class. Earlier liners from this class are Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. Those of you, who had a chance to take a cruise on one of these, will certainly find many similarities in design, cabin types, a variety of restaurants and bars and rich entertainment program. One of the new attributes of Symphony of the Seas is a new innovative type of cabins  – Ultimate Family Suite. The main feature of this suite is a separate playroom for kids. This kids playground is equipped with a unique Lego wall, an air hockey table and provides a lot of room for activities. And this is not all! The Ultimate Family Suite is equipped with a pool table, alpine wall, jacuzzi, 3-D cinema, a large collection of video games and a popcorn machine. 
Not only updated cabins will pleasantly surprise guests of Symphony of the Seas; a wide selection of entertainment will keep you busy. In addition to the previous selection of restaurants, guests will be able to enjoy new ones - Hooked Seafood, Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcadeе and a Mexican place El Loco Fresh. Apart from new restaurants, guests will be able to see the renown and unforgettable Broadway shows. For those who prefer the active lifestyle, will be able to play laser show, try a new water park and a new innovative water slide, ice skate or even try surfing. 
During spring and summer of 2018 Symphony of the Seas had been cruising in the Mediterranean offering 7-day cruises from Barcelona and Rome. From October 28, the ship will be in Miami and will welcome take its guests to the Caribbean sea.
2. Carnival Horizon

At the beginning of April 2018 cruise company Carnival launched its newest ship, Carnival Horizon. The liner can accommodate nearly four thousand passengers. There is a variety of restaurants on board of the ship including a new Japanese Bonsai Teppanyaki by Carnival. Another new place for gourmet food lovers is Guy’s Pok& Anchor, named after the Carnival celebrity chef Guy Fieri. Also, Carnival Horizon offers a wide selection of accommodation including cabins and apartments in Hawaiian style with exclusive access to a Cumab themed bar and pool. Extra spacious cabins Family Harbour and spa-cabins with exclusive privileges in the luxurious Cloud 9 Spa.
After its first trip from Barcelona, Carnival Horizon had crossed the Mediterranean Sea four times before making its way across Atlantic to New York beginning of May. The new Carnival liner can be found on routes between NY to Bermuda or the Caribbean Sea. At the end of September 2018, the liner arrives at its home port in Miami to offer 6- and 8-day trips in the Caribbean region.

3. Norwegian Bliss

In April 2018, in London cruise company Norwegian Cruise introduced a new ship, Norwegian Bliss.  This liner, weighing 160,000 tones has the capacity of 4,000 passengers. The new ship had crossed the Atlantic and served in Alaska its first summer. At the end of September 2018, Norwegian Bliss traveled to Los Angeles to cruise in the Gulf of Mexico and during winter will make its way through the Panama Canal to Miami to offer cruises in the Caribbean region. Like any other Norwegian Cruise ship,  Norwegian Bliss has an original design. There is a whale at the bow and the ship marking its main route - to Alaska.  This is not the unique feature - the architects had built a large observing lounge at the bow of the ship. The most exclusive cabins of the whip are in a separate area called “The Heaven”.
The Heaven is “a ship inside the ship”. There are 59 suites (cabins with additional comfort) with dining rooms, living rooms, pools, and a separate private deck exclusively for these passengers. Around-the-clock concierge service is also available. 
Apart from the original design, the most distinctive feature is a race track at the upper deck. It is the largest racetrack at open sea. The ship is also equipped with a water park, a zip line and a number of swimming pools.
4. Seabourn Ovation

Cruise company Seabourn launched its fifth luxurious ship in May 2018. Seabourn Ovation has a modern design and equipped with the latest technology. If your privacy is your main criteria, you should select this liner - this ship with the tonnage of 60 thousand tonnes, can only accept 600 guests. That means a lot of room for each guest. Seabourn Ovation has already gained a high reputation and offers only cabins of lux type with separate patios, living rooms, and dressing rooms. This liner is had finished cruising in Northern Europe and in autumn of 2018 had sailed to Asia through the Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal. The ship in winter 2018-19 will be traveling between Hong Kong and Singapore offering 14-day cruises. 

5. MSC Seaview

This new liner with capacity for over 5 000 passengers begun to sail in June 2018. MSC Seaview sails in the Mediterranian and will open its first winter in South America. She has three domestic ports in the Mediterranian: Genova, Marcelle и Barcelona, and three new destinations: Neapol, Messina и Valetta.
The icing on the cake for this ship is a 360-degree promenade with glass rails which rotate around the ship. Luxurious and beautiful design of the ship makes it look weightless. MSC Seaview is a new liner in the family of cruise ships of MSC. Despite the ship having a modern look, she has a popular yacht-club MSC and a closed section with private apartments and 24-hour butler service.
MSC Seaview, first of all,  is an Italian cruise company liner, so prepare yourself for a tasting of a multitude of Italian and Mediterranean specialties.
6. Le Lapérouse и Le Champlain of Ponant Cruises 

The French crouse company launched two new liners for 180 passengers each - Le Lapérouse( June 2018) и Le Champlain (September 2018). Those two ships are much smaller than traditional vessels of this company.
Le Champlain and Le Laperouse is a realization of a unique atmosphere which is, in turn, is a distinctive feature of this cruise line - a delicate balance between sophistication, privacy and comfort. Aboard these french vessels, you will experience an unforgettable private cruise. The company keeps extending its offering of new destinations.  Innovative and ecological machinery and equipment, elegant cabins, spacious luxury suites with large windows are the distinctive features of these ships and will undoubtedly appeal to those who have a passion for traveling. There only 92 cabins aboard of these liners and this will guarantee you a unique and relaxing experience. 
Both vessels are equipped with reinforced body enabling cruising in the ice areas discovering the remote areas of the world.  In the first year, Le Lapérouse will be in the Arctics, the Mediterrania Sea, Asea, Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Le Champlain will be seen in Europe, North and Sout Americas, Arctics and Central America.  
7. Viking Orion 

Cruise line Viking has been successful in river cruises sector for many years. However, expansion in the ocean cruises areas has seen tremendous success. The company vessels have collected multiple awards; the guests were pleasantly surprised by affordable prices for  “all inclusive” (incl all drinks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as all as one guided tour onshore of each port). Viking Orion can be seen in the Meditteranean, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. This new vessel will start its 92-day around the world cruise which will begin in February from Vancouver. Upon return to Vancouver in May 2019 Viking Orion will be the first Viking vessel which traveled to Alaska. 
8. Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse is the smallest ocean vessel launched in 2018. This ship has capacity only for 228 passengers. Scenic is a well known Australian cruise line which used to focus on river cruises in Europe and Asia.  Scenic Eclipse is the first ocean liner which will sail to America, Antarctic, Europe, and Mediterranian. This ship resembles more an ultra-luxurious yacht, which has aboard six restaurants - French, pan-Asian and Italian. Guests will be able to enjoy the unforgettable views from the upper lounge. All cabins are done in elegant style with private terraces. If you travel with your family or with a large company, Verandah Suites would be a perfect option for you as you would benefit from 2,500 sq ft area. There is a large spa where guests will be able to relax during the day. There are two halipads and a 7-seater submarine aboard this vessel. 

9. AIDAnova 

German cruise company AIDA, which is a part of Carnival Corporation, in autumn 2018 has added to its collection a new liner AIDAnova. This ship, with a capacity of 5,000 passengers, is one of the first in the world ecologically friendly vessels, which use liquid natural gas. 
This company is not well known to the many. However, everyone who has seen, at least once, any liner of this company, would have definitely remembered the vessel - bright scarlet lips at the bow are a distinctive feature. All 20 decks of the liner accommodate 2500 cabins - from single accommodation to penthouses. Apart from stewards, you may be greeted by Peper robots. They are also used to inform guests about entertainment and events, provide the route information during the cruise. PAsssengers will find a wide range of restaurants aboard AIDAnova, among which are 17 Casa Nova, French Kiss, and Brauhaus, as well as 5 "all you can eat" restaurants (incl Fuego), classic Bella Donna and Markt. Guests will also be able to attend a culinary school AIDA to polish their cooking skills. Passengers will be able to relax by the Beach Club pool. In the evening, this part of the deck transforms into a dancefloor. Danceclub Cube and casino offer entertainment for the night time. For the families, there is a separate zone. Four Elements is an open-air playground with two waterslides (equal to the hight of 3 decks), climbing walls, zip-line. Panoramic elevators which connect external decks and a glass skywalk located at 45 m above the ocean are the main features. “Body & Soul” spa offers organic treatments.  

9. Hurtigruten Hurtigruten Roald Amundsen 

In October 2018 this Noewegian line will launch a new hybrid expedition liner. The vessel will be equipped with hybrid engines reducing pollution and fuel consumption. Hurtigruten Roald Amundsen is the ideal solution for cruises in cold climate as the liner has a reinforced body and can sail in icy waters. An open-air heated swimming pool and hot water hydromassage pools will enable you to enjoy the winter fairytale views. All cabins are equipped with TV which will broadcast views from outside so you would not miss the magical Aurora lights. Aboard this ship, there are three restaurants which serve local food. At the end of the cruise season in the Antarctic, the vessel will sail along the west coast of South America, pass through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean to head towards South Europe. After that, she will go towards Norway to spend the entire summer and autumn of 2018.  

10. Nieuw Statendam - Holland America

Новые круизные корабли

Nieuw Statendam is a unique cruise liner, the only one in the world with a picture gallery. The ship has a classical interior with large and bright cabins. Y & S («Yran & Storbraaten» / based in Norway) and «Tihany Design» (based in NY), the two world renown companies are Nieuw Statendam designers. The total number of cabins is 1331 (out of which 164 luxury cabins, 748 balconies, 147 Oceanview, 280 inside cabins) and 35 various categories, out of which there are 27 cabins designed for handicapped guests.
Nieuw Statendam will cross the Atlantic from Rome to Fort Lauderdale to spend the first winter in the Caribbean.  During the winter season 2018-19, Nieuw Statendam will be offer 3-4-7-day cruises from Ft. Lauderdale and 10-day cruises to the Caribbean. She will return to Europe in April 2019 to sail to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Norway before returning to Ft.Lauderdale at the end of October to sail in the Caribbean for the second season. 
11. Celebrity Edge 

Новые круизные корабли

This is a new Celebrity Cruise liner. It is the most advanced vessel and has a lot of innovative features. One of which is the Magic carpet. It is the first in the world floating panoramic platform located at the 13th deck level. Thus passengers will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean literally floating above the ocean. 
For the first season, Celebrity Edge will serve in the western and eastern Caribbean sea sailing from and to Fort Lauderdale. After that the vessel will head off to the Mediterranian for spring and summer returning to Fort Lauderdale in November 2019. 
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