• В связи с коронавирусом круизные компании вводят временные изменения в правила отмены круизов.  Так например, компания Royal Caribbean объявила о возможности отмены круизов на своих кораблях, минимум за 48 часов до даты отправления. Временные правила отмены распределяются на все круизы Royal Caribbean с датой отправления до 31 июля 2020.   ЕСЛИ ОТМЕНА ПРОИСХОДИТ ДО ДАТЫ ФИНАЛЬНОЙ ОПЛАТЫ:   - в случае, если вы бронировали свой круиз по специальному тарифу "невозвратный депозит", то при отмене вы получите обратно сумму депозита в виде кредита на следующий круиз и остальное - вернут вам на карту.   - в остальных случаях средства будут возвращены вам полностью.    ЕСЛИ ОТМЕНА ПРОИСХОДИТ ПОСЛЕ ДАТЫ ФИНАЛЬНОЙ ОПЛАТЫ:   - вы получите кредит на следующий круиз с любой датой отправления до 31 декабря 2021.    Подробнее узнавайте в круизной компании или у вашего турагента. 
  • According to the old tradition of an avid traveler, upon arrival in some new city for me, the first thing I do is go to the local synagogue. I decided to do the same after landing in Miami. What was my surprise when it turned out that there were already 250 synagogues in this resort town! As I later saw, they were built in completely different architectural styles: from ancient to modern. Jews from all over the world came to Miami, and each community seeks to build its own house of worship. But among the variety of synagogues stands out one - Emanu-El (Emanu-El). This gigantic structure with a five-story building in the Byzantine-Moorish style is one of the ten largest synagogues in the world. Up to one and a half thousand people can pray in it. The interior of the synagogue with a huge blue dome and beautiful stained glass windows is also striking in its splendor. In 2010, a dove of peace bronze sculpture was installed in front of the synagogue, and the entire square in front of the synagogue was laid out with a Jerusalem stone brought from Israel. Among the honored guests of the synagogue were American presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, and even the Dalai Lama. This largest Miami synagogue was built in 1947 by order of the Orthodox Jewish community, which had grown over the years of World War II. Two old synagogues could no longer accommodate all the believers and were given over to the "Jewish Museum of Florida." From the exhibits of the museum you can find out about the past and present of the Jewish community of Miami. For example, that the houses of worship reserved for the museum were founded in 1936. The very first synagogue in the city of Bnei Zion was built in 1912, when the number of Miami Jews reached 75. The first time Jews stayed in Miami was far from cloudless. The founders of Miami did not feel much sympathy for this ancient people. They established a peculiar sedentary line for those Jews who wanted to live in a new resort town. They were forbidden to settle beyond Fifth Street on Miami Beach Island. Then it was not a very comfortable wetland. It was on this territory that the Miami ghetto actually developed. The first synagogues in the city were built there. Restrictive standards also apply to those Jews who came here on vacation. It was not uncommon to see signs at the entrance to local hotels that read: “No dogs and Jews allowed” or “Always good view, never a jew” (“Always a good view, Jews never”). Now such tablets are only in the museum, and public anti-Semitism has long been archived. In the 1930s, Jewish entrepreneurs opened the first hotels in Miami Beach, which helped turn Miami into one of the most prosperous tourist destinations in the United States. Economic development has attracted many Jews from other American states to Miami. As a result, the Jewish population living in Greater Miami increased from 25 people in 1896 to nearly 550,000 in 2016. This tropical resort has become the third...
  • As you know, Americans are famous for their addiction to imitate everything European. And not only in the names of cities (New York, New London, several cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg), but also in architecture. Few people know that one of Miami's main attractions, the Freedom Tower, is nothing more than a copy of the bell tower of the Cathedral in Seville. Seville is the capital of Andalusia, a southern province of Spain. We all remember the indefatigable Figaro, the protagonist of the classic opera The Barber of Seville (Figaro is here, Figaro is there).     So - it was in this city at the time of the discovery and development by the Europeans of the American continent that was the largest port in Spain and throughout Europe. Ships with looted Indian treasures came here. The huge ship Atocha, loaded with tons of gold and silver bars, pearls, emeralds and other jewelry, was heading to Seville's port from South America. This liner was a kind of "Tinanik" of the 17th century. About 200 representatives of the European aristocracy sailed on it when he sank off the coast of Key West in 1622. (You can listen to the fascinating history of treasure hunts from Atocha on our excursion to the southernmost US city. You will have the opportunity not only to see the jewels raised from the bottom of the ocean with your own eyes, but also to touch them.  Excursion here.             It was through the Seville port that trade with the new colonies in America was going on. The Giralda tower towered above this port (translated from Spanish - "weather vane"). The bell tower was called so because it was crowned by a bronze four-meter sculpture "Christian Faith" spinning around its axis, with a flag in hand.     The Giralda bell tower itself in its "past life" was a minaret of a mosque built in the 12th century. After the liberation of Spain from the Moors, the mosque was turned into a Catholic cathedral, and the minaret became the bell tower of this cathedral. It is curious that Muslim Moors, in turn, built a minaret on the site of an ancient Roman temple. The Giralda base is made of huge faceted stones of the ancient temple - they reach three meters in thickness and on some stones there are still inscriptions in Latin from the Roman Empire. Thus, the Giralda tower is simultaneously a symbol of three religions: paganism, Islam and Christianity.   Seville and the New World are united by the fact that in the cathedral of this Spanish city there is the grave of the discoverer of America - Christopher Columbus.   In Miami, a tower was built, which also rises above the port, and looks like a Seville bell tower like two drops of water. The Americans erected it as a symbol of the gate to the "Old World" - to Europe. It is curious that ships entered the Seville port from the Atlantic Ocean, the waters of which are washed by Miami. It turns out that on the two shores of the...
  • Oct 30, 2019


    Today, like many centuries ago, khan-atlas is one of the most recognizable brands in Uzbekistan. A rave of color of the silk is amazing in its originality and magnificence. It is interesting that khan-atlas is used in their collections by well-known designers like Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, John Galliano. It is very pleasing that today the khan - atlas recovered its former glory and again adorns women from all over the world.    The legend of the royal silk says that once one of the rulers of Margilan fell in love with a daughter of the poor weaver and was going to make her his fifth wife. The miserable father threw at the ruler’s feet and begged him to release his daughter .The ruler agreed, but only on terms that by morning, the weaver would create something so beautiful that would be able to overshadow the beauty of his daughter. The regretful old man went to a bank of aryk (local canal). He spent there a long time in thoughts not noticing the rain start mixing with his tears. Suddenly the rain stopped and the poor weaver saw the reflection of clouds in the water. The clouds were turned in all colors of the rainbow. The weaver happily exclaimed - "Oh heaven, thank you for the idea!" He went to his workshop and worked there all night, but in the morning he unfolded before the khan’s sight a marvelous fabric sparkling with all colors of the rainbow and fluffy like a cloud and light like the air. The ruler asked how he managed to create such a miracle in just one night, to which the following words were said: “I took the greenery of the foliage washed by the rain, added the color of the tulip petals, the glow of dawn, the blue of the night sky, the patch of the sunlight on the river, and the c of my beloved daughter’s eyes and mixed all them. ” The ruler was shocked by the beauty of the fabric, so he forgot about his bride and agreed to let her go. The fabric of incredible beauty was called Ruler's silk or Khan-atlas.   In the old days, Bukhara was the center of khan - atlas. But Margilan masters made it so much skillfully that up to now it has been considered as one of the best quality. The process of making khan - atlas by hand is very complicated, it includes up to forty stages. Only natural ingredients are used for dying: pomegranate peels, onion husks, madder, extracts from roots, fruits and plants. A special painting technique creates a unique pattern called abr which means a cloud. In Europe, however, the fabric is more known by the name of ikat. The Khan Atlas continues holding the prevail among other fabrics pleasing its owners with brightness, tenderness and beauty. Article author Ruslan Daminov Tours to Uzbekistan  ...
  • Key West is not only the southernmost and sunniest city in the United States, but also the freest! Key West is free morals and noisy fun. It is also a completely unimaginable Fantasy Festival, which once a year for 10 whole days immerses the whole city in a whirlpool of rampant entertainment. Key West one day tour   Photo from the author of the article   The culmination of the holiday is a reckless carnival in the style of "body art", which takes place in the center of Key West on the last Saturday of October. At this masquerade procession, you can do everything - dress up in indescribable outfits or show yourself in all its glory, painting the body, as fantasy and inspiration suggest. Photo from the author of the article   The holiday begins with a procession along the main street - Duval Street, and ends with a stormy general fun all night. Photo from the author of the article   The most popular Fantasy Fest annual promotions include: Headdress Ball, Pet Masquerade, Pretenders in Paradise costume contest (Masquerade Paradise Costume Contest), Masquerade March (“ Masquerade procession ") and Sloppy Joe's Bar's toga party (" Party in the toga at the "Sloppy Joe" bar), the participants of which have fun only in costumes of white sheets. Photo from the author of the article   Welcome to the positive city of Key West! ))) Key West one day trip
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