• There are simply cities that appear and disappear in history, but Rome is history itself. Walking along the streets of Rome, you will feel that you are on the pages of an ancient world history textbook. Arriving in the eternal city, you will not be amiss to know that Rome stands on seven hills, and each hill has its own historical attraction. Of course, the most famous hill that everyone has probably heard of is Capitol Hill. There were meetings of the Roman Senate, and public meetings, and now there are monuments to one of the emperors of Rome, Marcus Aurelius, the city hall and the ancient basilica. Basilica (basilica; Greek βασιλική - “the house of the basileus, the royal house”) - a type of structure of a rectangular shape, which consists of an odd number (1, 3 or 5) of different naves in height.     From Capitoline Hill you can see the very heart of Ancient Rome, the ruins of the Roman Forum. The magnificence of the Roman Forum was hidden from sight for a thousand years, under a layer of land of 20 meters and only in the last century all this was discovered and unearthed. The forum is the heart of ancient Rome, several temples, a market, an area for public gatherings and trials, houses of aristocrats and even a treasury. Another visiting card of Rome is of course the Colosseum. The Colosseum (from Latin colosseus - huge, colossal) or the Flavian amphitheater (Latin Amphitheatrum Flavium) - an amphitheater, an architectural monument of Ancient Rome, the most famous and one of the most ambitious buildings of the Ancient World that have survived to our time [1]. It is located in Rome, in a hollow between the Esquiline, Palatine and Celiev hills. Bloody gladiatorial fights were organized here. Even now this huge thing looks incredible, it was built by a thousand slaves, with modern money it would have cost 400 million dollars, it could accommodate almost 70 thousand spectators. In total, there were 5 levels in the stands of the Coliseum, the lowest was for the nobility, for the richest, higher were seats for the military, then for the citizens of Rome and on the gallery itself there were unmarried women and slaves. The Coliseum also had another part hidden from the audience, these were cellars where animals were kept that participated in battles with gladiators.     If you want to feel that you are in the past, then you must definitely tour Europe and, of course, you need to visit Rome, this eternal city, where time seemed to stop! One of the opportunities to visit this unique city is a trip on a cruise ship. If you want to go on a cruise and certainly visit Rome, then fill out the form here, indicate your dates, number of people in the cabin, type of cabin, and be sure to inform that you want a cruise that enters the city of Rome. The best option will be sent to you. Good luck!...
  •   December 5 in Orlando, in the entertainment park of Disney will open a new attraction Star Wars, designed for all the famous movie "Star Wars". The creators promise to present the most exciting and advanced attraction ever presented before.   The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.   Participants will be placed in the midst of the battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Guests will be recruited to join Ray and General Organa on a secret base. Along the way they will be captured by the Star Destroyer. With the help of the heroes of the Resistance, they will have to escape from the Star Destroyer, protect the secret base and get ahead of Kylo Ren.   On January 17, 2020, the same attraction will open in Disney's California park.
  • Symphony of the Seas, aka Symphony of the Seas, is the largest cruise ship in the world. The ship makes 7-day cruises to the Caribbean islands from the port of Miami. If you go on a cruise on the ship "Symphony of the Seas" you can:   Order a cocktail from one of the bartenders-robots, who will cook it in a fantastic setting of the bionic bar under the disc jockey lounge sets. The visitor selects a cocktail on a special tablet and sends it to the order queue, which is displayed on the mirror board. The robot barman mixes the ingredients, while the technology and the capabilities of his virtual intelligence allow you to do without a shaker. Cocktail is ready! Can you imagine it? Experience the feeling of increased adrenaline after descending the “Abyss” hill (the highest hill on ocean liners: height of 10 decks or a 12-storey building, elevation difference of 30 meters), with an unforgettable appearance! Her crazy twists are a real work of art! Here is where to speed! To make an extreme “flight” along the “Perfect Storm” water slide, the highest on the sea. Three pipes "Cyclone", "Typhoon" and "Super-element" with a transparent central part, opening a breathtaking panoramic view during the descent, attracts the eye during the first ascent to the upper deck. Make sure that the inner cabin can also be with a "balcony"! This is a "virtual balcony". In these cabins, 80-inch TV screens are installed from floor to ceiling, broadcasting not only a picture of what is happening outside the window, but also transmitting sounds of the sea and the outside world overboard. If desired, guests can always turn off the “virtual balcony” function in such cabins. However, “virtual balconies” screens are intended only for broadcasting landscapes along the cruise route and cannot be used as plasma televisions. Make sure that a real green park in the sea exists! There are paved paths underfoot, flower beds around, blue sky overhead! The park, made in the image and likeness of the eponymous park in New York, extends almost the entire length of the liner and is a natural part of the world to which Symphony of the Seas invites. Here, couples stroll before dinner, and companies make appointments, preparing for new cruise adventures. See the water show with your own eyes! The water platform in the form of an amphitheater for acrobats and synchronized swimmers at the stern of the liner will explode the imagination of any traveler. The depth of the pool for performances - 23 meters. Artistic performances on the water include aerial gymnastics stunts, choreographic performances on and under water. If you also want to become a member of this show, then your place is in the first row! “Shower”, emotional and not only, the viewers of the first three rows are guaranteed, but at the same time they will have no chance to regret the chosen place to watch the show! Check out what the...
  • Cuba
  • Aug 06, 2018


    Встречайте,  самый большой и инновационный лайнер в мире! Symphony of the Seas 5* Корабль впервые отправится из Майами 9 ноября 2018 года и будет совершать 7-дневные круизы по двум карибским маршрутам: Майами - Роатан (Гондурас) - Коста-Майя (Мексика) - Козумель (Мексика) - Нассау (Багамы) - Майами Майами - Нассау (Багамы) - Сент-Томас (Вирджинские острова) - Basseterre (Сент-Китс) - Майами     Технические характеристики лайнера: Спущен на воду: апрель 2018 Водоизмещение: 230 000 Длина: 362 Ширина: 65,6 Скорость: 22 Команда: 2 175 Пассажиров: 6 780 (5 494 при 2-х местном размещении) Количество кают: 2 775 Количество палуб: 18   Symphony of the Seas 5* - роскошный лайнер,  предлагает пассажирам просторные общественные зоны, множество гастрономических вариантов питания и семейных опций на борту, увидеть водное  шоу и покататься на ледовом катке и настоящей французской карусели, взобраться по скалодрому,  а также: 1.       Заказать коктейль у одного из барменов-роботов, который готов приготовить его в обстановке ультрасовременного бионического бара под лаунж-сеты диск-жокея.     2.       Испытать ощущение повышенного уровня адреналина после спуска по самой высокой горке на море «Край Бездны» высотой в 10 палуб или двенадцатиэтажный дом с перепадом высот при спуске 30 метров, имеющей незабываемое оформление!     3. Совершить экстремальный «полет» по самым высоким на море водным горкам «Идеальный шторм». Три трубы «Циклон», «Тайфун» и «Супер-элемент» с прозрачной центральной частью, открывающей практически панорамный захватывающий вид при спуске, в комплексе приковывают взгляды при первом подъеме на верхнюю палубу....
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