Organization of birth in Miami

$ 5,890
Organization of childbirth in America
We work with the best company to organize births in Miami. This is an experienced and reliable assistant for those who want to receive advanced American medical care and comfortably give birth to a child in the US. Our services are valuable information and prompt assistance in preparing documents, renting a car and a car, as well as interesting offers for recreation and leisure, that is, a well-planned organization of births in the United States. We accompany clients from the moment they make a decision to a happy return home.
Acquaintance and first consultation
If you have already decided on childbirth in America, you can contact us using any convenient method, or let us know your contacts, and we will contact you. This phone conversation or Skype communication will already give you a lot of information. Our managers are always in touch, talk about our successful methods of work and give detailed advice on the organization of births in America.
Choosing the best package of services
Familiarize yourself with our services. The detailed information provided by us will help you get a complete picture of the stages and aspects of the process. Together with you, we define requirements and wishes and select the package of our services that will best and most advantageously ensure the success of your birth in America.
Arrival in the USA
We undertake the organization of all stages of your trip and residence in the United States, taking into account all domestic needs: obtaining visas and invitations, finding accommodation and renting a car, buying food and necessities, organizing interesting leisure activities.
At the airport you are met by a representative of our company, who becomes your personal consultant, and accompanies you to the place of your planned stay. You receive an informative report on the main points of local legislation and advice on various household issues, such as opening a bank account, buying food, refueling a car and many others, which gives an idea of ​​the American way of life. This knowledge and skills will give you confidence and help reduce and simplify the adaptation process.
Childbirth in the USA
The registration of various documents in government before and after childbirth is a very important procedure. The representative of the company accompanies you and helps with filling out all the required documentation. Also with our help you receive and close all financial documentation from the clinic and doctor, as well as our specialists will help you to register all necessary documents for the child (American passport and citizenship, SSN). A complete set of documents for return to the motherland.
Airport transfer
Your transfer to the airport is also organized by us. As your luggage will certainly increase due to children's things and souvenirs, we can order a comfortable car, accommodating both passengers and luggage. At the airport we will help with its design.
Monitoring pregnancy and childbirth in America
Even in the process of preparing for the arrival of our consultants will help choose a clinic where the delivery will take place, and organize an excursion on it. Also, with our support, you will personally get acquainted with the doctor, under whose supervision you will be. We will advise and assist in the preparation of documentation, certificates and drafting of contracts for medical care.
So, our packages:
1) Sunny - $ 5890
Full range of services for the organization and support of childbirth
Preparation, organization, execution of documents and arrival in the USA
Consultation on documents for coming to the USA
Assistance in processing documents for coming to the USA
Registration of an invitation letter for border control at the entrance
Selection of rental housing in the US
Help in concluding a rental agreement
Providing an independent opinion on all options for the selected housing with photos
Meeting at the airport with a personal manager
Transfer to the place of residence with a mini-excursion on the route
Preliminary purchase of all necessary products (the list is agreed individually, the cost of products in the package is not included)
Local telephone connection, Internet, International telephone connection, connection of "Own number" service (the cost of a SIM card is not included in the package)
Medical Services
Organization of a familiarization tour of the selected hospital with support
Primary acquaintance and visit to the selected obstetrician - gynecologist (payment for doctor's services is not included in the package!)
Assistance in preparing a contract with a hospital and a doctor for the management of pregnancy and childbirth
Study visit to the pediatrician, help in signing the contract (the doctor's fees are not included in the package!)
Escort by a personal interpreter of all scheduled visits to a gynecologist with a transfer
SHOP-TOUR (transfer and professional tips for buying everything you need for mom and baby), 2 hours
Emergency transfer for childbirth (24 * 7)
Admission to the hospital at delivery, examination and tests (medical services are not included in the package!)
Execution to the delivery room
Escort by an interpreter to the clan
Tipe of duration
$ 5,890
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