Accession agreement
The following written terms are an agreement between Universe Travel, Hereinafter referred to as the Company, and the User. Universe Travel provides its services solely on the basis of these conditions.
I. Definitions and Abbreviations

Company - Universe Travel, registered address: 17395 N Bay Rd., North Miami Beach, FL 33160 USA.
User - an individual who has accepted this Agreement of accession and has the rights to access the online search and information platform of the Company's website.
Website - the official website of the Company, located at The online platform is the search and information system of the Website, which allows the User to find and buy online the offers of tourist products and services of the Company's Partners.
Account - Internet account, account, collection of information about the User on the Site.
The account allows you to use the search and information online site platform and provides access to the user's personal account to use the functions and services of the Company.
Partner - a company that presents its products or services in the site search and information system for the purpose of acquiring them by Users. Package - a package of services of the Company, which determines the terms, functions and services for the User Account. The settlement period is a time period of one calendar month and ranges from 28 to 31 days.
II. Services Universe Travel, the subject of the contract
1. The Service provides an opportunity for the User to find and buy online offers of products and services of the Company's partners, both internal on the online platform and external, i.e. not hosted on the platform.
2. The User shall receive the right to use the Site System after registering and activating the Internet account. An individual referral link is required for registration, which can only be sent by a previously registered User - Agent.
3. Registration takes effect after confirmation of acceptance of these terms and conditions of the Merger Agreement when completing the online form.
III. privacy policy
1. During registration, use of a search and information platform and the purchase of tourism products or services, the User fills in online forms, and this informs the Company of his data.
2. The Company will use the User data (for example, name, place of residence, e-mail address, telephone number) in order to calculate and control compliance with the Merger Agreement. The company can record, store and process only those data that are provided by the User on an online form. The site uses the so-called cookies to account for requests and requirements of users.
3. In the interests of the fulfillment of the Agreement, the User’s data may be redirected to the Company’s Partner.
4. When searching for and paying for services, and when registering on the website, data transfer is performed using “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technologies. The Company does not require and does not store confidential data of the bank or credit card of the User, for example, a password (PIN-code).
5. The user has the right to change or delete his data by contacting the support service or through the personal account section or by writing a request to from the email address specified in the Account.
6. With the exception of this data protection declaration, the Company does not make available the data provided by the User to third parties without the specific written consent of the User, except in the case of business need (for example, for carrying out completed orders), a legal regulation or an official order.
IV. Registration, payment terms
1. Registration and activation of the User Account implies the possibility of further acquisition of one of the Company's partner service packages, under which the conditions of the company's marketing come into effect.
2. Acquisition / purchase / activation of the selected Company Service Package / Membership User can make using the recommendation link within 30 days from the date of registration on the platform.
3. The user has the right to change the Package by paying the difference in price within 30 days from the date of the first payment for the purchase of the Package.
4. Upon the expiration of the purchased Package, the User may re-pay one of the service packages within the next 30 days. Otherwise, access to the System will be blocked for the Account of the User without the possibility of recovery.
5. The Company reserves the right to prohibit a new registration of the User in the event of termination of this Agreement of accession.
6. Registration and activation of service packages are considered as the result of actions following a conscious and voluntary decision of the User. The Company reserves the right to request the submission of a written application and identification to verify the User in order to protect the interests of the Site and other users.
7. The Company reserves the right to immediately block a User Account in the event that the User’s actions are regarded as contrary to legal norms or threatening the site or other Users ’accounts.
V. Information related to the refusal, exclusion of the right to refuse
1. The amount paid by the User for the purchase of a business Package / Membership is not refundable.
VI. Force Majeure

1. None of the parties to this Agreement shall be liable to the other party for failure to fulfill obligations arising from force majeure circumstances that arose against the will and desire of the parties that cannot be foreseen or avoided, including declared or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics , blockade, earthquakes, floods, fires and other natural disasters.
2. A document issued by the relevant competent authority is sufficient evidence of the existence and duration of the force majeure. Revision of 08/03/2018 3. A party that fails to fulfill its obligations due to force majeure must immediately inform the other party about the obstacle and its impact on the fulfillment of obligations under the Treaty within 7 days from the onset of such circumstances.
VII. Settlement of disputes
1. All disputes and disagreements between the parties arising during the term of this Agreement are resolved by the parties through negotiations, by contacting and further correspondence with the Company's support service.
2. In the event of non-settlement of disputes and disagreements through negotiation, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with US law and international law.
VIII. Final provisions
1. In all other respects that are not provided for in this Agreement, the parties are governed by the Distribution Agreement and the Remuneration Plan with attachments (placed on the platform), as well as current US law.

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